It is possible to feel HOPE amidst the grief and fears...

  • You long for some peace in your mind - emotional clutter of anxiety, guilt, fears or grief having taken over your thoughts.
  • A general sense of grumpiness, or pure exhaustion from your over-extended life knowing your children and spouse are suffering because of this?
  • You start your day out with a task list and then feel immediately overwhelmed wondering at the same time, where is time for me? Realizing you are nurturing others at the cost of your well being.
  • You wonder why your stress drives your eating habits and how you can manage this?
  • You are losing a connection and desire for your spouse?
  • You're disappointed in the lack of progress your child or loved one is making?

If you can relate, you may be looking back attempting to discover where this all began and wonder, “Will it ever change? Can it change?”  Imagine with me for a moment, what it would feel like to move through these challenges, you would:

  • Discover how to care for yourself while caring for others.
  • Learn how you can say no and learn to ask for help.
  • Recognize when your body feels energized and has a sense of strength and wellness.
  • Feel connected and at peace with your family and yourself!
  • Feel a sense of joy, completeness and balance in your identity as a woman.
  • Feel worthy, beautiful and confident.

 You love your child and loved ones but you also know there is something more out there in the world for you to discover. . . . Would you like help immediately to feel a sense of wellness, to look forward to your day and have a restored sense of peace?

Here are three immediate tools to help you breakthrough your challenges and find joy in a balanced fulfilling way.

If you would like to discover how to Ignite Hope, creating peace and balance in your life, contact
Sharla Vellek at 360-980-0641 or